[t10] 13 cases in bus annex why how

Pat LaVarre LAVARRE at iomega.com
Tue Mar 18 08:36:51 PST 2003

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> The host software that decides the CBWCB owns the
> job of making sure the device's interpretation of
> the CBWCB agrees with bmCBWFlags.Direction and
> dCBWDataTransferLength.
> Usb Mass, if implemented as specified, works even if
> the host software fails to deliver this guarantee,
> but then the details are complex.  See section '6.7
> The Thirteen Cases' in the full USB Mass Storage
> Class Specification.
I still don't understand what's wrong with that English.
Can anyone say?
> From: http://www.t10.org/t10_mins.htm
> From: ftp://ftp.t10.org/t10/document.03/03-141r0.pdf
> Meeting Minutes: MMC Working Group - Wednesday 12 March 2003
> 6.1 USB Annex, Oribe, IOMEGA ... will revise.
Really??  How?

Cluelessly, curiously, thankfully yours, Pat LaVarre
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