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Three items:

1. Last week the T10 Room Night Sheet (green sheets) was lost. It was last seen in the STA meeting room as the STA meeting ended. Anyone who might have the green sheets, PLEASE send them or fax them to me. THANKS.

2. For many people, the hotel incorrectly charged tax on top of the rate that was supposed to include tax. I understand the hotel is attempting to return the overcharge to people who stayed at the group rate ($180 per night including tax).

3. Small sermon:

It is very important that people who attend T10 meetings stay in the meeting hotel at the T10 group rate. Yes, I know that this rate is often higher than the best rate you can find in the same hotel or a nearby hotel, but the meeting hosts depend on you staying at the group rate in their hotel. This helps subsidize the meeting costs (meeting rooms, power cords, screens, breaks, etc.). It is not fair to expect the hosts to pay all of these costs, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

If people continue to ignore this courtesy to our hosts, then we will have to start charging an attendance fee to the 'deadbeats'. I do not want to do this as it is a lot of work, but it is already getting hard to find meeting hosts. I hope this is enough said...


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