SBP-3 Revision 2e published

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The most recent revision of the SBP-3 working draft is available for 
download from If FTP 
doesn't work for you, aim your browser at

The following summary of changes is taken from the revision history in the 
draft itself:

*** Added informative and normative descriptions of isochronous operations, 
as specified by T10/03-090r1.

*** The methods by which a logical unit may reject a command transported 
within a dual buffer descriptor command ORB are clarified. If the logical 
unit's command set specifies such commands, even if optional, the logical 
unit shall not use an sbp_status of one, request type not supported, to 
reject the command.

Upon completion of the page-turner review in Dallas, the working group 
requested the Editor to prepare SBP-3 Revision 3.0 (based upon Revision 2e) 
and request that T10 conduct a Letter Ballot to forward the document to its 
first public review.


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