Proposa#3: Group 3 time out for MMC device

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Tue Mar 11 04:36:48 PST 2003

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Hello Katata-san,

My understanding is that the VERIFY(10) command shall verify the 
replacement sector regardless of G3tout bit setting, when a hardware defect 
management supported disc is mounted and the sector is replaced.

Relating to this issue, I found one incorrect definition in the table.
In the description of the behavior of the Conventional READ command issued 
to the Defective block which is not registered in defect list, it is 
prohibited to transfer erroneous data. But I think it shall be controlled 
by TB bit in Read/Write Error Recovery Parameters Mode Page.

So, the description should be;
  Erroneous data may be returned according to the setting of TB bit in Read/
  Write Error Recovery Parameters Mode Page.

Best Regards,

Takaharu (Harry) Ai
DVD-RAM Category
Panasonic AVC Networks Company
Osaka, Japan

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>Subject: Proposa#3: Group 3 time out for MMC device
>Hello all,
>I put revised proposal document of Group 3 time out as follows.
>As the result of SWG, the document was cleated. As my action item, I added
>new section "2.6 Relationship of Group 3 time unit and Unit length".
>Following section number are changed.
>By the way, according to Table 75-Error Handling on Stream
>recording/playback operation, in case of "Defective block registered in
>defect list and replaced", "READ (12) with Streaming bit is one" shall
>report "No Error (Defect list is ignored, Null (00h) data shall be returned
>for Blocks listed in a defect list[a])".
>In case of "Defective block registered in defect list, but not replaced or
>Defective block with Recording Type bit set to 1", table says "In response
>to the VERIFY Command, the Logical Unit shall report an error".
>I would like to confirm that in case of "Defective block registered in
>defect list and replaced", which blocks shall be checked by Verify(10)
>command with G3tout=1?
>Please send any comment.
>Best regards,
>Keiji Katata
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