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Serial Attached SCSI over the next few months
10-11 March 2003 (SAS WG in Dallas, TX)
  Resolve the remaining open issues.  Will result in -03f and maybe
  -03g, depending on the port layer rewrite progress.

  In the next two months, as problems are detected (both issues with
  comment resolutions and new issues), we'll hold conference calls 
  to fix them.  No more changing "when"s to "if"s or other trivial
  changes - just bug fixes.

  This version should be stable enough to design hardware.  Please
  watch the T10 reflector for new issues, though - errors are always
  subject to change.

24 April 2003 (2 weeks before plenary)
  The last -03nn (and/or -04) will be posted two weeks prior to the
  May plenary.

5-6 May 2003 (SAS WG in Nashua, NH)
  This meeting should focus on SAS-2.

8 May 2003 (T10 Plenary)
  Forward to INCITS and JTC1/SC25 for ANSI public review and ISO

  INCITS public reviews run for 30 business days.  I also hope to
  submit a version to JTC1/SC25 for international ballot at the same
  time.  We will submit any INCITS public review comments as the US 
  vote on the international ballot.

  Usually only major bugs are reported in public review.

mid-June (end of INCITS public review)
  Work on any INCITS public review comments or ISO comments via 
  conference calls.

7-8 July 2003 (SAS WG in Colorado Springs, CO)
  Work on SAS-2.

10 July 2003 (T10 Plenary)
  If necessary, vote to forward corrected SAS-1 to INCITS.  Technical
  changes will require another INCITS public review period.

  If INCITS public review is done, vote on the international version 
  of SAS-1.

11 September 2003
  If not already done, vote on the international version of SAS-1.

We can handle the final ISO vote by letter ballot if the meeting cycles 
don't line up well.

I don't know how long it will take for SAS-1 to become an official
ANSI standard and ISO standard after the final votes.  

Being a completely new standard, SAS-1 is bound to have bugs.  Rather 
than issue errata on SAS-1, SAS-2 will gather all the corrections and
completely replace SAS-1.  As bugs are found, we'll have to judge
whether they're important enough that SAS-1 needs to be corrected
(e.g. in public review).

SAS-2 should go to T10 letter ballot after the industry has had a 
chance to debug the first round of silicon (probably 1H04).

6 Gbps and other major new features will probably not appear until

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