[T11.3] Dallas T10 Meeting driving update

Ralph Weber ralphoweber at compuserve.com
Thu Mar 6 19:39:00 PST 2003

INCITS T11.3 Mail Reflector
As the "High Five" construction (see T10/02-103r1) frequently
changes the road conditions in the area of Coit Road and the
LBJ Freeway (aka IH 635), I made one last check of conditions
today at noon.

For those taking the Hillcrest exit, the U-turn lane at LBJ
and Hillcrest is operational. As you near the traffic signal
after exiting, be wary of the left-most lane within the last
50 yards of the intersection because it leads to U-turn that
will force you to head in the wrong direction on the west-bound
LBJ service road.

If you become trapped in the U-turn lane:
  - take the U-turn as required,
  - move to the right most lane on the service road,
  - continue west to the next traffic signal (Preston Road),
  - turn right at the Preston Rd. traffic signal,
  - proceed north through one traffic signal on Preston Road and
    turn right at the second traffic signal (Alpha Road), and
  - continue to the hotel by following the 02-103r1 directions
    applicable to exiting at Preston Road.

This route will take you several miles out of your way, but it
beats the heck out of getting lost in the housing subdivision
north of LBJ between Preston and Hillcrest, which is famous
for its dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs.

For those hearty enough to try the Coit exit, the severe dog-leg
is still present, not to mention all the other excitement. On
the other hand, I was able to negotiate the maze with no traffic
delays at high noon on a Thursday, so all is not lost for those
who dare the fates.

There is one small catch in the Coit Road plan. The sign directing
drivers to the Crowne Plaza Suites from the west-bound LBJ service
road has been stolen. If you know where the Crowne Plaza Suites
hotel is located, this is a minor inconvenience. However ...

The easiest work-around for this is to go a little farther north
on Coit (left turn at the end of the dog-leg exit ramp). Proceed
through the traffic signal for the west-bound LBJ service road
on the north side of the LBJ bridge (instead of turning left as
recommended by the meeting directions). Turn left at the next
traffic signal (Alpha Road). The Crowne Plaza Suites hotel is
clearly visible from Alpha Road and the sign on Alpha Road that
indicates where to turn left for the Crowne Plaza has not been
stolen (yet).

The Weather Channel is predicting good weather for your visit,
with highs around 70 and lows around 50 and Tuesday being the
only rainy day. So prepare accordingly (for a monsoon and/or
ice storm).

All the best,


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