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The most recent revision of the SBP-3 working draft is available for 
download from If FTP 
doesn't work for you, aim your browser at

The following summary of changes is taken from the revision history in the 
draft itself:

*** An extended status block format has been defined; it permits a maximum 
of 512 status bytes to be returned by target logical units. The login ORB 
has been modified to permit the initiator to enable the extended status 
block format. The configuration ROM Logical_Unit_Number entry has been 
modified so that a logical unit may advertise its extended status block 

*** Logical units that implement command sets that utilize both single and 
dual buffer descriptor command ORBs shall not reject these ORBs with an 
sbp_status of request type not supported. Instead, they shall be able to 
parse both ORB formats and deliver the command to the device, which shall 
then indicate its success or failure by command set-dependent means.

*** Rules that specify the order and presence of page table data when a 
dual buffer descriptor command block ORB references two page tables have 
been added to description of the FAST_START register.

*** The description of the ORB_size field in the Unit_Characteristics entry 
has been clarified; it applies to the largest ORB fetched by any of the 
target's logical units. The ORB_size field does not apply to management 
ORBs, who size is fixed at 32 bytes.

*** Added configuration ROM Plug_Control_Register entry as specified by 

*** An informative clause has been added to section 9 that describes how 
target fetch agents should parse ORBs and page tables, whether read from 
the initiator's system memory or written to the target's FAST_START register.

*** The distinction between interim and completion status has been 
clarified in 9.4.

After completion of the page-turner review in Dallas, we hope to recommend 
that T10 conduct a Letter Ballot to forward the document to its first 
public review.


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