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I think RBC Amendment 1 could benefit from a few changes. Specifically:

1) Provide a redrawn table 3---don't compel the user to construct his or 
her own from verbal editing instructions. The revised instructions in the 
amendment should read something like, "Replace existing table 3 in clause 
5.1 with the table below."

2) In the same spirit, provide a redrawn table 17. The revised instructions 
might read, "Replace existing table 17 in clause 6.2 with the table below."

3) Do not add a separate clause 6.2.2; describe the PARAMETER LIST LENGTH 
field in the body of clause 6.2. This follows the editorial style of the 
rest of RBC (see, for example, cause 6.1 and the description of bits and 
fields in INQUIRY data). The editing instructions could read, "Insert the 
following paragraph as the second paragraph immediately after table 17 in 
clause 6.2."

4) The NACA bit is referenced in the sixth paragraph of the clause not the 
fifth as suggested both by Ben Atkinson's comments and the amendment. 
Better editorial instructions would be, "In the fifth paragraph after table 
16, replace the reference to table 15 with a reference to table 16."

5) With respect to the last paragraph in clause 6.1, I don't think 
correcting the grammar of the sentence (verb agreement) addresses Ben 
Atkinson's fundamental confusion. I suggest the last paragraph be replaced 
the following: "Consult SPC-2 for the meaning and usage of bits and fields 
in the INQUIRY command that are not defined by this standard. Logical unit 
support for these other bits and fields may be mandatory or optional, as 
specified by SPC-2."


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