MMC-x meant where MMC-2 said

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> MMC-2 was the published standard when SPC-2 was
> proposed for standardization in a T10 letter ballot.

I read this to mean everyone knows we plan to revise
the table of which PDT means which standard, when we
propose SPC-3 for standardisation in a T10 letter
ballot.  Is that what you meant?

> >
> >
> MMC-x cannot be used in a dpANS because it is not
> a precise reference to a published standard.

As I glance over the rest of spc3r11 table 57 I see
cross-references to: SBC SSC SSC SPC-2 SBC MMC-2 SBC

Why do only SPC MMC SCC have to say -x?

Does the absence of -x somehow implicitly mean -1?


Now that I look, I see in that .htm also the absence
of -x is there used to mean "-1".

How confusing.

I'd say PDT x05 means any past or current flavour of
MMC.  Today maybe that is draft MMC-4, or standard
MMC-3 or MMC-2 or MMC or SCSI 2 Chapter 14 or SCSI 1
chapter 13.

Surely this reality is not in dispute?

You're telling me this is a truth we can't admit in
a dpANS standard?  We have to pretend PDT x05 means
only a set of published standards?

> For the purposes of standards development, letter
> ballot is the only time when nits such as this
> need to be or should be considered.

Oh, sorry, I should have mentioned, I'm relaying this
question from an anonymous newbie, merely because I
honestly don't know the answer, personally I never
cared if that part of that paper standard made sense
if read literally.

Pat LaVarre

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