why not H = C = D ModeSense6 for just the header

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On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 09:44:11 -0700, Pat LaVarre wrote:
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>As was reported to t13, I'm still working offline 
>with Hale Landis to try and make the issue more plain.
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Yes, Pat and I are working through a list of issues. 
But this discussion can be split into two major parts:

1) There are "limitations" in the Microsoft Windows device driver
stack. These limitataions may be bugs or could be a lack of
documentation ("don't do this because Windows doesn't support it).
I'm sure that our friends at Microsoft will provide either fixes for
the bugs or updated documentation.

2) Between Pat and I we are discussing a series of issues (questions
|from me to Pat). 
2a) We are stuck on the question: "a device's "block size" has
nothing to do with the size of a PIO data block or a DMA data burst".

2b) The overall issue of: a when a device receives a command (ATA or
ATAPI PACKET SCSI-like CDB) that command exactly defines a "data
stream" to be transferred (assuming no error); ATA/ATAPI transferred
*only* an even number of bytes; there is only one "pad" byte possible
(last byte of the transfer); and using PIO or DMA (any type or speed
of DMA) does not change the "data stream" that the command will


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