[t13] Fwd: why not H = C = D ModeSense6 for just the header

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FYI, this is an issue with the Microsoft driver (supplied with their Windows 2000 OS) is not converting the SCSI 6-byte CDB to the 10-byte CDB format.  ATAPI drives don't understand the 6-byte format of "Mode Sense" (am I wrong?), so I believe this issue that MS reported has nothing to do with odd "byte" issues that you've been, er, peddling.  MKE.

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SCSI Pass-Through Mode Sense Command May Crash the Computer
If a SCSI Mode Sense command (operation code 0x1A) is
sent by using SCSI pass-through to an ATAPI CD-ROM
device, you may receive a "Stop" error message on a
blue screen and the computer may then stop responding
or may restart.  This may occur if the value of the
Data Length field in the Mode Sense command is less
than 8.  Note that this problem occurs only with the
6-byte Mode Sense command (operation code 0x1A), not
with the 10-byte Mode Sense command (operation code

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