Draft agenda for March 11 - 12 meeting

Peter Johansson PJohansson at acm.org
Fri Feb 7 12:23:35 PST 2003

Here is the proposed agenda for the next SBP-3 working group meeting. 
Please contact me if you have additional items of new business.

  1.     Introductions and procedures
    1.1  T10 Membership and voting
    1.2  Document naming conventions
    1.3  Two-week rule
    1.4  Meeting fees
    1.5  Approval of prior minutes (03-070r0)
  2.     Call for patents
  3.     Informal liaison
    3.1  IEEE P1394.1 [Johansson]
    3.2  IEEE P1394.3 [Johansson]
    3.3  1394 TA PTP [Anderson]
  4.     Prior action items (4 denotes completed)
    4.1  Request Apple comment on 02-281r0 [Anderson]
    4.2  Provide text for isochronous clauses [Johansson]
    4.3  Announce intent for T10 letter ballot [Johansson]
  5.     Review of changes in working draft
  6.     Review reflector traffic
  7.     Old business
    7.1  Editorial review of draft (page turner)
  8.     New business
    8.1  SBP-3 isochronous operations (03-090r0) [Johansson]
    8.2  Recommend SBP-3 Revision 3.0 letter ballot to T10 Plenary
  9.     Meeting schedule
10.     Review of action items
11.     Adjournment

See you in Dallas!


Peter Johansson
Project Leader, SBP-3

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PJohansson at ACM.org

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