SAS letter ballot comment resolution teleconference Tuesday 11 Feb 10am Central

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Wed Feb 5 16:16:47 PST 2003

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SAS Letter ballot comment resolution teleconference
Tuesday 11 February
10:00am Central time

- Toll Free Access Number: 866-639-4721
- Toll Access Number: 574-948-0372
- Participant PIN: 5185037

This meeting will not have minutes; we'll defer official votes to the
Chandler meeting (but may vote on recommended directions for each open

* Transport layer retries for tapes
  * discuss results from backup application survey
  * if we need to add something, proposed solutions (link layer ACK
Replay solution, transport layer context exchange solution)
  * need for this in SAS-1 vs. SAS-2
* Port layer rewrite
* Various topics from the reflector posted recently
  * SMP frame type errors 
  * SSP extra bytes in the CDB fields
  * incorrect LUN for task management functions
  * SSP sense data not a multiple of 4 bytes
  * STP affiliations and physical link changes
  * SMP PHY change count 03-089r0
  * link rate fields in OPEN address frame, SMP DISCOVER, and SMP PHY
  * target port transfer tag in COMMAND and TASK frames - target shall
* Other comments marked REFER
* Unaddressed comments

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