multi border response of ROM drive

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Thank you for posting your view.
I agree that MMC nor Fuji explains how the drive should handle the
multi-bordered DVD-R disc.
This issue needs to be either discussed on the reflector or call a meeting
to come up with
better description.
The MMC3 and Fuji are not clear as far as how the drive should fabricate the
TOC information when the multi-border written DVD-R is inserted.
Not only the ReadTOC command, but ReadTrackInfo command, could be clarified
for better
description as far as when the multi-bordered disc is inserted.

Kazuhiro Chigita
Easy Systems Japan

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Hi all,

I get several questions regarding response for multi-border DVD disc by
ROM/Combo device. In MMC3 & Fuji, Fabrication of TOC information for DVD
is defined. At the making this section, same people did not like to use
"session" for DVD-R. So we did not use session in document. So many people
confused now. To make more clear, following sentence is better.

"RZones in the last bordered area are reported as the second track in the
session. Other previous RZones and bordered areas are reported as the first
track in the first session."

To mount the multi-session/border disc, the last session/border start
address is
necessary. To report it, the last bordered area must be reported as the last
session. In case of DVD-R/RW, 300 session/bordered area can be created on a
disc. So by 99 tracks/session number, drive can not report the last. Then we
concluded that in case of DVD-R, for Read TOC command, 2 is the maximum
for track number. This means that 2 sessions are allowed.

Even if Combo (DVD-ROM, CD-ROM/R/RW) device, this is same. So for Read Disc
Info. command, Read Track Info. command, same fabrication must be able to be
used. There is no need to report the information of a few thousand RZones, a
hundred Border zones on a read only disc.

If necessary, I will issue document change proposal.
Let me know your comment.


Keiji Katata

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