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I have received a request from Sharon M. Lipp who is doing research in 
technology transfer.  She would appreciate you filling out her web-based 
survey form at:



>From: "Sharon M. Lipp" <smlipp at ultranet.com>
>To: <lohmeyer at t10.org>
>Subject: Technology Transfer
>Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 14:13:30 -0400
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>Dear Mr. Lohmeyer:
>Michael LoBue, ATM Forum Executive Director, suggested that I contact you
>regarding my research.  As you know, technology transfer continues to be a
>challenge confronting organizations.  The question of what are the best
>mechanisms for transferring technology from T10 Technical Committee to your
>members and sponsors is not easy question to answer.
>The goal of my research is to identify the appropriate technology transfer
>mechanisms for the various outputs from a research center/consortia to their
>membership.  By way of background, my experience includes twenty-five years
>with Digital Equipment Corporation (now Compaq Computer).  During the last
>fourteen years at Digital, my primary role was managing Digital's
>relationships with external research consortia and Federal Labs and
>transferring their technology into Digital.  Based on this work experience
>and interest, I am now a doctoral candidate at Stevens Institute of
>Technology in New Jersey.
>My request to you and the T10 Technical Committee is - would you be willing
>to survey your membership in an effort to identify the best mechanisms?  In
>return, a summary of responses for the T10 Technical Committee would be
>provided to you, along with a summary of the overall research and a
>comparison of Technical Committee's responses with the overall responses.
>A web-based survey has been developed so that you can forward to your
>membership, thus keeping your membership contact information confidential.
>However, if you would rather I contact them directly, I am more than
>willing.  Attached is a sample email, along with the web address, which you
>might consider sending to your membership.
>Should you wish additional information or have questions, please feel free
>to contact me either by email or call me at home.
>Thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance.
>Sharon M. Lipp
>978-486-8565 (Home)
>slipp at stevens-tech.edu (School)
>smlipp at ultranet.com (Home)
>Survey URL:

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