SBP-3 Meeting April 26 - 27 in Portlanad, OR

Peter Johansson PJohansson at
Sat Mar 17 14:12:39 PST 2001

The arrangements have been finalized for the April 26 - 27, 2001 SBP-3 
Meeting in Portland, Oregon. This meeting is co-located with the Printer 
Working Group (PWG) meetings the same week. Many thanks to the PWG, and 
Cindy Tiritilli, for extending logistical support to the SBP-3 working group.

When:   Thursday - Friday
              April 26 - 27, 2001

Where:  Portland Marriott City Center
              520 Southwest Broadway
              Portland, OR 97205 USA

              Phone: 1-503-226-6300
              Fax: 1-503-227-7515

Hotel Accommodations: $ 149/night, single or double occupancy.

Reservations: Please call the Marriott Reservation Center at 1-800-228-9290 
or contact the hotel directly at +1-503-226-6300 to reserve your sleeping room.

All attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. When 
making your reservation, the meeting will be listed under
"PWG" and "IEEE-ISTO".  Rooms are being held for the nights of April 22 - 
27, 2001.

***PLEASE CONTACT Cindy Tiritilli, Cindy at, if for any reason 
you are unable to obtain the negotiated room rate.****

DEADLINE:  Make your reservations by Thursday, April 12, 2001.

Meeting details for the PWG are posted on the PWG Chair's page at

SBP-3 participants, you MUST register for the meetings you plan to attend 
via the PWG Meeting Registration Form, located at

The cost for daily meeting attendance is $ 60.00 per day. (Payments are 
processed on the first day of the meeting series.)
Participants are responsible for their own lunch.

Please contact Cindy Tiritilli, IEEE-ISTO PWG Program Manager, (732) 
981-3434 or Cindy at, if you have any questions.


Peter Johansson

Congruent Software, Inc.
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PJohansson at

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