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Assignment of T10 document numbers and posting T10 documents is now 
automated.  You'll find new links on the T10 Web site to the document 
number request forms (

If you are revising a document, PLEASE use the revised document number form 
instead of requesting a brand-new number.  If I notice someone abusing 
this, I will remove their privilege to use this facility.

If you are a T10 Principal, Alternate, or Advisory member, you should be 
able to do the whole process without human intervention.  The process for 
non-members is still easy, but an administrator (me, for now) must approve 
the request before a document number is assigned.

When a document number is assigned, you will receive an email telling you 
what your document number is.  All you have to do to post your document, is 
reply to the email with your file or files attached.

If you cannot make PDF files, reply with the source file.  The 
administrator will create the PDF for you (assuming he has the proper 
software to process your source file).  Even if you can make the PDF file, 
please also attach the source file.  I often need the source file to 
re-create a PDF file.

This facility currently only works for T10 documents using PDFs.  Working 
Drafts, plenary meeting notices, and non-PDF T10 documents (e.g., 
spreadsheets) still need to be sent to me for posting.

While I have tested this facility extensively, bugs have a way of 
hiding.  Please let me know of any you find.


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