Response to SPI-4 proposal 01-251

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Fri Aug 31 06:38:44 PDT 2001

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Just a quick note on this. I believe John is on vacation which is why he
has not yet responded to this inquisition of his proposal.
He did talk to me about this before he put out the proposal and described
the situation that generated the deadlock. And yes it was a real world
problem that happened with two real world devices that both had, how should
I say this, questionable implementations I did agree with his suggested
changes, however, I do not remember the details you will have to wait for
John to get back for that.

Also, on another note. My email address has changed (again) so if you have
me listed as gpenokie at please change it to gop at (no job
change just email change). For those of you that are slow about changing
email addresses you may notice that my new email address is the same as my
old address which by the way never stopped working (go figure).

Bye for now,
George Penokie

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