reconsider 00-398r3 Extended Copy IPv4 target descriptor

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Wed Aug 8 08:49:01 PDT 2001

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One of the proposals going into SPC-3 is:
    00-398r3 Extended Copy: IPv4 target descriptor

This descriptor, presumably for iSCSI, includes an IPv4 address,
IP port number, and IP protocol number.

Since the proposal was accepted, iSCSI has added the concept of 
an "iSCSI name" as a key part of identifying an iSCSI target.  
The target descriptor in 00-398r3 does not include this.  The 
latest versions of iSCSI even drop the "iSCSI" default name.

The proposal:
    00-425r4 Long identifiers in SPC-3 SAM-2 SBC-2 and other XOR issues

includes a recommended alias designator for iSCSI using an IPv4 
address that includes the iSCSI name.  It lacks the IP protocol 
number, but that is easily added.

Since it no longer appears to be the correct solution, I suggest 
that 00-398r3 not be included in SPC-3.

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