My List of Proposals Approved for SPC-3

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Sat Aug 4 09:37:55 PDT 2001

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

The following lists show the proposals that I think have
been approved for inclusion in SPC-3.  I will be working
|from these lists in the preparation of SPC-3 r01.  If you
think there is an error in these lists please let me know



Non Access Controls Proposals

99-148r7    Proposed Addition of Read and Write Attribute Commands to SPC-2
00-232r9    Asymmetric SCSI behavior
00-344r0    Identifying a 3rd Party Copy Management Device/Lun
00-396r2    Mode pages equivalents for ECP commands
00-398r3    EXTENDED COPY: IPv4 Target Descriptor
00-425r4    Long Identifiers in SPC-3, SAM-2, SBC-2 and other XOR issues
01-025r0    SPC-2 FIRST BURST SIZE definition
01-027r2    Numeric Media Serial Number
01-065r2    SPC-3 VPD Page 83 Device Identifier rewrite
01-134r1    SAM-2, SPC-3, SPI-4, SBC-2 WAKEUP and reset cleanup
01-174r2    Public comment on target descriptors in SPC-2
            (SBP-2/3 EXTENDED COPY target descriptor)
01-182r1    SAM-2 device and port names
01-185r1    SAM-2 layering terminology proposal
01-192r2    SPC-3 Extended Copy target descriptor for SRP

Access Controls Proposals

99-245r9    A Detailed Proposal For Access Controls
00-261r0    Discussion of editorial changes to Access Controls
00-287r1    TransportIDs for Access Controls
00-381r0    Three minor modifications to Access Controls in SPC-3
01-026r1    SPC-3 Access Controls LUN conflicts due to transport IDs

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