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Fri Aug 3 08:35:03 PDT 2001

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Here's an edge case that I don't think is clearly specified in SPC-2 (but
please prove me wrong).

Suppose a device gets an INQUIRY Command to an unsupported LUN value.  The
spec says that the device has to respond with standard inquiry data with
the first byte set to 7F ("there's nothing there").  That's presuming that
EVPD=CmdDt=0. It doesn't say what meaning or values go in the rest of the
fields of the response (shouldn't it say that the rest of the fields can be
anything and should be ignored by the initiator?).  It also isn't clear
what happens when the EVPD bit is set to 1 and the page code is a mandatory
one.   Should it still return garbage data? Can it return CHECK CONDITION
in this case?

Any guidance?

Jim Hafner

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