[temp t13] Yosemite version1.3

Mike Ito mike at yfl.cs.fujitsu.co.jp
Thu Aug 2 18:39:25 PDT 2001

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> On Wed, 01 Aug 2001 10:59:22 +0900, Mike Ito wrote:
> >We are SFF-8070i(Yosemite) editors. 
> >Now we are revise of version 1.2 to version1.3.
> Wow! 
> After all the questions during the last few years about 8070 and each
> time being told "no one is working on 8070 anymore" this is quite a
> surprise. Does this mean 8070 is once again an "active SFF project"?
> I guess a "Thank You" is in order.

  You're very much welcome.

  We are still active. We(Yosemite) would like to inform our current status as

For SuperDisk
  Panasonic developed SuperDisk 240 USB1.1 drive.

    Works under Bus Power
    Supported media :
       720KB, 1.44MB, SuperDisk120MB, SuperDisk240MB
       FD32MB technology which expands 1.44MB floppy to 32MB capacity

    Launched in Japan by Panasonic and Imation from 2001/February.
    Launched in USA by QPS from 2001/June.
    Launched in Europe by Panasonic from 2001/July.

For MO drives
  2.3GB MO(Press Release)

Izumi Takenaka (Matsushita-Kotobuki),
Mike Ito(Fujitsu),

Masahiro Ito, Development Center, Yamagata Fujitsu Limited
E-Mail:mike at yfl.cs.fujitsu.co.jp        Lab FONE:7382-2976
FONE:+81-237-43-8242(DID) EXT:7382-4921 FAX:+81-237-43-4640 FAX-EXT:7382-4640
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