Discussion of out-of-order prerequisites.

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As an action item from the last FCP-2 working group meeting on 
September 11, I am enclosing the following item from T10/00-300r1[2].

I am not sure that the SRR bit is required, since continuously
increasing sequence count is already either committed to or
not guaranteed by FC-FS.  (See Word 1, bit 17 of, describing the
common N_Port login parameters on pdf page 363 of T11/00-340v2).  

I would propose that the only requirement for out-of-order is the
use of continuously increasing sequence count in the FC-FS PLOGI, which
is one way to document item a in 12.10 below.

What do you folks think?

----------------    T10/00-300r1[2]   --------------------------

12.10 Starting point is different for out-of-order, in-order recovery

In section 12 and in Annex D, the detection of an error requires the 
completion of all steps associated with the detection if certain 
prerequisites are not met. If delivery is guaranteed in order, the same 
prerequisites must be met, but the necessary waiting times are eliminated.

The prerequisites for starting at the earliest possible time are:
			       performing out-of-order recovery

	a) Continuously increasing sequence count is used.
	b) SRR has a new bit defined that distinguishes between a desire to 
	reset the sequence count to 0 and the desire to use the next 
	continuously increasing sequence count.

The SRR must additionally be modified to contain the required bit.


In the September 11, 2000 working group, it was decided that out of order recovery requires these prerequisites. E-mail is to be published to discuss this item.

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