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>Backward compatibility is desirable with either path.

Pardon me for rearranging the order of your comment, Gene, but I wish to 
emphasize that your point above is preeminent. I strongly agree.

Having said that, it is with a certain apprehension that I attempt a 
response to the rest. Discussions on cultural differences among standards 
groups often reach a speedier conclusion in face-to-face meetings than they 
do in the medium of EMail.

>I would characterize that as work on SBP-3 should be commenced and include 
>the work items discussed in the report. A revision is certainly possible 
>but a follow on standard is often more palatable. When standards are 
>implemented, some manufacturers feel uncomfortable with no longer having 
>the published standard the same as the one they implemented.

I think the distinction between a "follow-on" vs. a "revision" standard is 
cultural and likely a distinction without much of a difference.

For example, products compliant with IEEE Std 1394-1995 do not have a 
problem with the advent of IEEE Std 1394a-2000, nor will they have a 
problem with the eventual advent of IEEE Std 1394-200X in some future year. 
The pertinent standard does not cease to exist with the publication of 
revised or follow-on efforts.

Many standards bodies follow this model. Which is not to say that others 
are right and T10 is wrong; it is just to point out that this is not a 
truly substantive matter that impinges upon the utility of the standards in 

At this point I could present my own opinions on the naming and numbering 
of standards, SBP in this case, but I sincerely believe that the dialog 
will be more compact if conducted in person instead of over the reflector.


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