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An informal report of the SBP-2 study group that I convened last Friday in 
Huntington Beach, CA has been posted to the T10 site as Please refer to the PDF 
file for more detailed information; a brief summary of the study group 
results are as follows:

1) There is consensus that enhancements and extensions to SBP-2 are 
appropriate and timely.

2) A revision of SBP-2 should be commenced and include the work items 
discussed in the report.

3) With respect to one work item in particular, isochronous facilities for 
SBP-2, there is recognition that significant effort has taken place in the 
last two years in the area of AV disks and that the locus of that expertise 
is the 1394 Trade Association. The T10 members present at the study group 
meeting wish to find a suitable venue (or venues) for the standards 
activity so that the broadest possible participation of experts is encouraged.

Because of the importance of the last item, I will be presenting a briefing 
on SBP-2 standards activity during the Architecture working group meeting 
Thursday, October 26 in Redmond, WA. This will be an opportunity to explore 
the ways in which AV/C and SBP-2 approaches to isochronous data may be 
complementary, to investigate the necessity for common interchange formats 
(at least in the realm of material that is not copy protected) and to 
discuss the applications of isochronous SBP-2 to other peripherals (e.g., 
printers and scanners).

In my opinion, AV/C and SBP-2 are not direct replacements for each other. 
Never the less, in order to leverage the experience already gained within 
AV/C, we should attempt to harmonize SBP-2 isochronous facilities with the 
work that has gone before.


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