Selection with ATN in IU mode question

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Tue Sep 19 08:52:39 PDT 2000

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What is the expected behavior of a target that has just sent a Message
Reject message followed by a WDTR w/ narrow mode to an initiator while in
the IU mode?  To me it appears that since the target is no longer in IU mode
that the target should go to a BUS FREE phase as it did when it entered the
IU mode.

Also, why was it chosen that if the initiator sent a message while selecting
a target with ATN and the message is not a PPR message or a TASK MANAGEMENT
message that the target will respond by sending a WDTR.  Why not send a PPR
message?  That is how the initiator started the IU process.

Ken Erickson
Quantum Corp.
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