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Members and Attendees:
When I issued the meeting announcement last week, there should have been an 
item about Mt Fuji sharing time with MMC.  We now have the Mt Fuji agenda 
|from Takeshi Kohda.  The modified MMC agenda follows...

                Mount Fuji Meeting Agenda, September 12
                               9:00 AM   -   12:00 PM (and maybe later)

Hilton Waterfront
21100 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA USA

T10 Meeting week  
Hosted by: QLogic

Draft Agenda

1.    Opening Remarks    [Chair]
2.    Assign Today's Secretary
3.    Approval of Agenda
4.    Introductions [All]
5.    Approval of Minutes - August 30-31, 2000 Mt.Fuji meeting [Ueda, 
6.    Old Business
       6.1   Review open action items
       6.1.1 Microsoft will post the READ BUFFER CAPACITY proposal. 
       6.1.2 Editors will create the Rev.0.9 draft specification. [Editors]
       6.1.3 Katata-san will post DVD-RW sequential recording profile proposal
                that will be embedded in the Rev.0.9 tentatively. [Pioneer]
       6.1.4 Emily will post the information of the SWG by 20 th , September. 
7.    Document Distribution
       Mt.Fuji Ver.5 Rev.0.9 has been available.
8.    Liaison Reports
       8.1   Report on Content Protection Issues     [Ripley, Intel]
       8.2   Report from the DVD-RAM Liaison    [Ishihara, Toshiba]
       8.3   Report from the DVD-R Liaison      [Tanikawa, Pioneer]
       8.4   Report from the DVD-RW Liaison     [Tanikawa, Pioneer]
       8.5   Report from the DVD-Audio Liaison       [Tanikawa, Pioneer]
       8.6   Report from the DVD+RW Liaison     [Nakagawa, Ricoh]
       8.7   Report from the AS-MO Liaison      [Ito, Fujitsu]
       8.8   Report from NCITS T10 Liaison      [??]
9.    Major Item
       9.1   Line by Line Review of Mt.Fuji final draft specification [All]
       9.2   Confirm remaining issues on the Fuji document
       9.3   Approval of Mt.Fuji final draft specification
10.   Meeting Schedule (When and Where)
11.   Action Items
       11.1  Wrap up  [Secretary]
12.   Adjournment

                MMC 3 Working Group - September 13
                                9:00 AM   -   5:00 PM 

Hilton Waterfront
21100 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA USA

T10 Meeting week  
Hosted by: QLogic

This meeting has been authorized by NCITS T10 and will be conducted under the 
NCITS rules.  Ad hoc meetings take no final actions, but prepare 
recommendations for approval by the NCITS task group.  The voting rules for 
the meeting are those of the parent committee, NCITS T10.  For the ad hoc,  
other than straw votes, the voting rules are: one vote per participating 

The minutes of this meeting will be posted to the T10 reflector, the MMC 
Reflector, and will be included in the next T10 committee mailing. Attendance 
at a working group meeting does not count toward minimum attendance 
requirements for T10 membership.  Working group meetings are open to any 
person or company to attend and to express their opinion on the subjects 
being discussed.  
Draft Agenda: 
    1.0      Opening Remarks 

    2.0      Introductions 

    3.0      Document Distribution 
               Mt Fuji 5 will be presented to MMC for inclusion into the 
growing MMC3 document.
               Ron Roberts will have a new revision of MMC3 to review.  See 
old business.

    4.0      Call for Patents 

    5.0      Approval of Agenda 

    6.0     New Business
              We are not aware of any new business at this time.

    7.0     Old Business 
             7.1  Review of RICOH Presentation for high speed CD-RW recording
             7.2  Review of Sony Presentation for DDCD
             7.3 MMC-3 Draft Document Review

    8.0      Review of Action Items 

    9.0      Future Meeting Schedule 

   10.0      Adjournment 
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