SPI Command IU CDB clarification

Dimiter Popoff tgi_earth at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 5 20:55:42 PDT 2000

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>...I'm not sure what your MSB/LSB confusion point is. Perhaps it is because
>SCSI interprets these as Most Significant Bit and Least Significant Bit,
>respectively, instead of Byte. ...

Probably so. The thing is, that while bytes are big-endian (most significant
byte has the lowest address) bits are little-endian (most significant bit
has the highest number). The only place I have seen bits, bytes etc.
defined in a truly consistent big-endian manner is the power pc architecture
(though having to deal with bit 0 being the left-most bit after being
used to the opposite for years is itself quite a source of any mess
one can think of :-) ).


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