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Please remember that pages 01 through 0F have been reserved exclusively for
SES use. SES currently defines only pages 1 through 8, so additional pass
through information can be defined for the other pass through pages. The
advantage to using the pass through pages is that the intermediate drive
doesn't have to know anything about the data being presented, it just
passes along the requested page and hopes the initiator and the SES device
understand what is going on.

If you break into the vendor specific pages, you will be treading in area
where different vendors may already have such pages defined. Also, the
standard has taken an approach that it doesn't define or standardize vendor
specific things. Getting a group of vendors to support the same vendor
specific page(s) typically means putting together a proposal and
negotiating with each possible vendor separately (or sometimes inviting a
bunch of vendors to the same meeting). Either way the standard will not
contain the definition of the vendor unique page(s). Your company or and
industry group (SES started as an industry group and later became
standardized, but in a different way than the original spec) would have to
publish the result.

If you are just looking for one or two pages of information to return, I
strongly suggest creating a new SES page proposal.

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