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   I have a question on "how to end a read stream".
   00-378r0 (SPI-4 rev1) states:
   1) in the last paragraph (and NOTE-5) of section DT_DATA_IN 
      flow control is implied by the term "read streaming"
   2) in section that RD_STRM must be negotiated to a 1 so
      that read streaming can be used.
   So putting 1) and 2) together can it be deduced that the initiator 
will EXPECT "DT_DATA_IN flow control" (using P_CRCA) to happen during 
read streams?  In other words:
   a) Is it mandatory for the target to use the P_CRCA to end the read 
stream?  Or 
   b) can it do a phase change at the end of a data stream IU and end 
the stream (as stated in paragraph 6 of section 14.3.4 in 00-378r0)?
   c) Or is the target allowed to do either a) or b) stated above?


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