A weird ATAPI connector

Dimiter Popoff tgi_earth at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 19:14:36 PST 2000

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Hi all,

I have a notebook CD-ROM (TEAC-CD224E) which has a 50 pin 0.8mm
pitched connector. 

It is an ATAPI device, yet the pin assignment is none I am aware
of - e.g. no 3 GND lines next to each other, GND where I would expect
to find IOW etc. The +5V are where I would expect. 

Another ATAPI notebook device, an LS-120 drive, has the same connector
but the pin assignemt is what I can find in the standard and
it works fine (well it had its peculiarities to be discovered but
nothing on the connector).

Could anyone help with this? The SFF document which may be related 
to this, SFF-8400, is not to be found on fission.dt.wdc.com , and
anyway I suspect it does not deal with pin assignments.

If someone would know even only part of the truth (e.g. which pins
of the 50 pin connector are used as analog outputs) I might have
enough information to guess the rest. I was trying to hand-make the
tiny cable for the proto unit when I found out I did not know
what to connect...

Thanks is advance,


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