A few missing DDCD-RW changes from MMC-3, rev.

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Dear all,

Sorry to copy all of you, but I wanted to make sure I cover all MMC members
with this email.

Dear Ron Roberts,

In reviewing the latest MMC-3 spec, revision 03, dated 10/11/00, I have
noticed the following editorial changes.  These changes are limited to
recent DDCD-RW modifications. 

1) In Section 5.3.24, the description of the Intermediate bit includes the
following text: ...Format Type of xxh.  Please change 'xx' to 28.
2) Please delete Table 358 - Highest CLV Recording Speeds for DDCD-RW.
3) Please add the following section as the description of Format Type 28h.
This quick format was presented at the meeting in Newport Beach.  This is
the written description of the format.	Formatting on Format Type = 28h (DDCD-RW quick
		When the Intermediate bit is set to 1, a  quasi fast
formatting operation shall be performed. At the first formatting operation,
a specified small area is formatted initially. Additional formatting
operations are performed as necessary.  The new format operation creates a
single track of fixed packets of size = 32, mode2form1 data, with the
following actions:
			1.	A PMA entry is updated for the single track.
			2.	The Lead-in area is not recorded.
			3.	The Pre Gap of the track is recorded.
		When ejecting, the last formatted address is recorded in the
		As long as a Session on a DDCD-RW(ReWritable) disc is not
finalized, the Recording Management Area(RMA) is used for intermediate
storage. The RMA contains information about the Packet recording state on
the DDCD-RW, this information is encoded as main data in the Lead-in Area.

		In the Format Command, the Number of Blocks field specifies
the number of addressable blocks to be enlarged and the Type Dependent
Parameter field specifies the Packet Length. The Number of Blocks field
shall be adjusted to a value greater than the existing Track size and less
than or equal to the value reported by the Read Format Capacities command.
The Logical Unit shall round the Number of Blocks up to be an integral
multiple of the Packet Length.

Please incorporate these changes into the current draft along with the
changes identified during the meeting this week.

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