Final "Proposal for SPC Support for Partial Loading & Unloading," 99-347r3

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I've incorporated the SCSI Protocol Working Group comments that were reported to
me by Gene Milligan and Ralph Weber.  The document is at:

To summarize the changes from rev 2:

 -  The Medium Not Present (3Ah) ASCQs are changed from 10h and 11h to 03h and
04h.  This was to avoid sparse codes, i.e., having 03h - 0Fh unassigned.  This
means that they are different from the 3Fh ASCQs of 10h and 11h.

 -  There is no guidance on use of these ASC/ASCQs in SPC-2; that was deemed to
belong in the individual command set documents, e.g., SSC.



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