Spec issue on MSE leakage current in SPI-3

John Lohmeyer lohmeyer at ix.netcom.com
Thu Apr 29 14:34:14 PDT 1999

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At 4/29/99 03:51 PM, you wrote (in part):
>         Maybe someday we can outlaw old devices on new busses but
>for now I do not see how.


I do not want to outlaw old devices.  I just want to make it legal for new
devices to exist on the same bus.  If my new device tends to clamp signals
at 3 volts (or a little higher) when an old device trys to drive it higher,
where is the harm?  The receivers will still see a valid high-level
(assuming SE) and we should not see such high voltages on LVD.

The 20 uA leakage spec at 4.1V will add a lot of cost and complexity for no


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