Action items associated with FCP-2 development, and meeting announcements.

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As you all know, FCP-2 is being considered as part of the SSC/FCP-2/FC-TAPE
joint working group between 1 pm and 9 pm Tuesday May 4 in the SCSI
meeting week in Manchester, New Hampshire.  

For references see:
Document T10/99-168r2 will soon be up on the T10 website for your 
consideration.  It shows what the last FCP-2/FC-TAPE joint meeting agreed
about what will be changed in the transition from FCP-2 rev 01 to 
FCP-2 rev 02.  FCP-2 rev 02 will be prepared after the results of the
May 4 meeting are combined with those from the April meeting.  The
April joint meeting resulted in the following action items, most of which
should hopefully be complete for presentation in the May meeting.

The next meeting after this will be held on June 9 and 10, 1999 at the 
Fibre Channel meeting week in Minneapolis, MN.  At that time, the FCP-2
document, revision 02, should be ready for its first page-by-page review.

The committee assigned the following action items during the April review of

	Bob Snively:	Update the document describing the changes in FCP-2
			and indicating which ones will be included in 
			revision 02.
	Neil Wanamaker: Identify the correct reason reject codes for the SRR
			FC-4 specific link service.  The codes will be placed
			in table 15 of FCP-2.
	Bob Kembel and Bob Snively:  Prepare a list of ELS's that do not
			require login.  This list will become an annex of
			FCP-2 pending its move to FC-FS.  Note that implicit
			login is also a legitimate type of login.
	All members:	Review SRR retry for proper behavior with respect to
			fixed block reads.  This addresses item 5.12 in 
			T10/99-168r1 and r2.
	Jim Coomes:	To study whether a formal proposal is needed to define
			some private bits.  This was originally raised with
			respect to the DDIS bit and login management described
			in item 5.14 of T10/99-168r1 and r2.
	Dave Peterson:	Prepare a formal proposal for FC-FS that defines the
			discovery protocol for private and public loop
			devices and direct fabric attached devices.  See
			item 5.15 of T10/99-168r1 and r2.
	All members:	Review CRN behavior during unsuccessful recovery.
			See item 5.16 of T10/99-168r1 and r2.

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