Obsolete Data Compression field in Device configuration mode page

Robert Elliott relliott at hobbit.eng.hou.compaq.com
Fri Apr 23 13:02:01 PDT 1999

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> This is a notice regarding the proposed obsoletion of the data
> compression field in the device configuration mode page.
> Currently the SSC document contains two methods to deal with data
> compression:
> 1. the Data compression mode page
> 2. the Device configuration mode page
> At the last combined T10/T11 FC-TAPE/SSC/FCP-2 working group meeting in
> Harrisburg, PA it was decided to obsolete the Data compression field in
> the Device configuration mode page in favor of the Data compression mode 
> page. This subject will be voted on at the upcoming  T10 meeting in 
> Manchester, New Hampshire.

After consulting with our software groups, Compaq is going to
have to oppose this.  We have an installed software base that only 
knows how to use the Device configuration mode page for compression.
New software will know how to use the Data compression page, but
we hate to lose data compression with old software when the new
page doesn't even offer much better functionality.

The interaction between the two pages is adequately defined, so
we recommend keeping both.

(If this passes, our purchase spec will continue requiring
both.  We'd rather not have to diverge from the standard.)
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