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STA Technical Agenda  --  SCSI Harbor 

May 6, 1999  - Manchester, NH

The STA Technical meeting/SCSI Harbor meeting will start  30 minutes after
the Plenary but not before 2:30PM.

1. Opening Remarks and Introductions
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Attendance and Membership
4. Approval of Minutes - March 11,1999  Harrisburg, PA   (99s005r1)
5.	Document Distribution 
6.	Review of Old Action Items
		6.1 Tom Winsemius will complete the open issues in sections
2.6 (EMI (Carry over).

		6.2 Pat McGarrah will edit sections 1.1 through 1.3. (Carry

		6.3 The other drive vendors will do thermal testing present
results and anticipated future needs.

		6.4 A SCA-2 backplane is needed for testing the shock and
vibration. [Jay Neer - Dean Wallace]

		6.5 SGI, Intel, and each drive vendor will build prototypes
(Both 1.0 and 1.6 inch) 

		6.6 Each drive vendor to provide SGI and Intel a total of 40
1.0 inch and 30 1.6 inch drives for testing.

		6.7 Drive vendors will provide testing procedure feedback to
Benjie Sum, Tome Irvine, and Robin Steinbrecker.

		6.8 Drive vendors will schedule testing time.

		6.9 John Bauer will provide cabled SCA-2 connector
assemblies to Benjie.

7. Document Review [Benjie Sun] (9xs00xRx)

8. Old Business

9. New Business
10. Review of Action Items
11. Meeting Schedule
July 15, 1998 in  Colorado Springs, CO

12. Adjournment

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