Proposed changes to SPI-3 Annex A

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Wed Apr 14 21:04:21 PDT 1999

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As discussed in the April T10 working group meeting the proposed changes do
not meet muster on several scores:

     1)  First of all there is just a marked up Annex but no actual
proposal for change.

     2) If there is to be a proposed change the proposal should include the
reason and benefits of the change not just the numerics of the change.

     3) Since the objective of the SPI-3 new transfer rate capability was
to leverage SPI-2 Fast-40 cable and electrical configurations with faster
protocol chips but not higher bandwidth analog portions (e.g. cable plant)
the interoperability aspects with SPI-2 LVD should be addressed in the
missing proposal.

     4) Why do the Annex A changes not ripple into the requirements in the
body of the standard.

     5) I agree that it is important to address these issues quickly if
they are in deed needed changes, but I do not agree that it is important
let alone urgent to address them in the dark.


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