FW: What should FCP_DL be for REBUILD and REGENERATE commands?

Carol Warren Carol.Warren at quantum.com
Wed Apr 14 14:04:30 PDT 1999

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> Subject:	What should FCP_DL be for REBUILD and REGENERATE commands?
> I have a question regarding what the FCP_DL (Data Length) field in the
> FCP_CMND Information Unit should contain for the Third Party REBUILD and
> REGENERATE commands.   
> The Fibre Channel Bench Reference from ENDL states the data length is the
> maximum number of bytes that the SCSI initiator expects to transfer to or
> from the SCSI target.  For both commands only the parameter data is
> transferred from the host to the target unless the Intdata bit is set.
> For both the REBUILD and REGENERATE commands, I would expect the FCP_DL
> field to contain:
>       Intdata=0 -   Parameter List Length 
>       Intdata=1 -   (Rebuild/Regenerate Length * blocksize) + Parameter
> List Length
> Anyone have any comments on this?  Thanks in advance.
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