Minutes of SPI-3 Working Group Meeting - April 7-8, 1999

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<< Late in the day on Thursday, it was noted that the values in Table A.2
might not be right.  The proposed changes would affect many of the values
Annex A.>>

     That is quite different than my recollection. There in deed was
objection to Table A.2 on the basis that range between minimum and maximum
values were claimed to be too narrow. But the inference that the objection
would affect many of the values in Annex A. It was my understanding that
the many changes were not the result of the objection raised but were the
output of private meetings in the hall which were not included on the
agenda or announced to solicit wider participation.

<<Pat McGarrah moved and Rob Elliott seconded that the working group
that T10 accept 99-119r3 (r2 as modified) for inclusion as an informative
annex in SPI-3.  The working group requests that T10 defer consideration on
this proposal until Rev 3, drafted as an annex and including error
properties, is available.>>

     As I understood it all of the above points became part of the motion
that passed. Perhaps the minutes are stating that.

<<Gene Milligan presented 99-155, which would identify timing values for
DT signaling at slower synchronous speeds.>>

     The minutes should change "identify" to "change".

<<The next meeting of the SPI-3 Working Group will be Monday, May 3, 1999
commencing at 1 p.m. recessing on Monday evening and continuing until 6
on Tuesday, May 4, 1999 at the Holiday Inn "The Center of NH"
in Manchester, NH hosted by Hitachi Cable Manchester.>>

     As I understand it, it was agreed to begin discussing the April
subrosa meeting proposed changes to Annex A early in the May SPI-3 working
group meeting (i.e. early Monday afternoon).


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