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	    High Quality Pet I.D. Tags

Are you TOO BUSY to find the forms you need
to send for a new I.D. tag for your pet? 

Look no further! LUVYOURPET is now offering the HIGHEST QUALITY
Pet Identification Tags you've been paying $7.99 at the pet 
store for only $5.89 by using this CONVENIENT order form!

    - REPLACE your pets' old,dirty tags.
    - UPDATE your address and telephone number.
    - Have a SPARE with your "PET SITTERS" address
      and telephone number.
    - Avoid that worried feeling when you CANT FIND
      your pet.
    - Have your lost pet RETURNED QUICKLY!

Your pet is a FAMILY MEMBER and this is their
ticket HOME!

                   E-Z Order Form

Please PRINT this form, CIRCLE Type, size,shape,color.

Type                Size               Shape                     Color
Durable           Small         Round,Hydrant,       Red,Blue,
Plastic             Medium     Heart,Bone              Green,Yellow
                       Large         Dog Face,House     Ivory,Burgandy
                                         Cat Face                  Black


Stainless          Round               Sm,Med,Lg 
                        Heart,Bone        Med only    

PETS NAME ____________________________
PHONE # _______________________________
OWNERS NAME _________________________
ADDRESS ______________________________
CITY,STATE,ZIP _________________________         

MAIL TAG TO: Address on tag (above)

Please mail check to:                1 Tag        $5.89
LUVYOURPET                         Additional  $4.99 each
P.O. Box #782                          Ca.residents add .36 Tax EACH
Ross,Ca. 94957

* SPECIAL OFFER! Order 5 or more I.D. Tags and get 1 additional FREE!

* These Identification tags are GREAT for key chains, luggage, etc !!!!

- Your LUVYOURPET I.D. Tag will arrive 14 days upon receipt of order.
- Your Email address (optional) ____________ To be reminded to reorder!
  Your email address will absolutly NEVER be distributed.



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