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SPI-3 Rev 4 is available on the SCSI web site. The URL is:


I have a few comments that may help those of you who will be reviewing the
document for the SPI-3 meeting next week.

The revision history list all the proposals that where incorporated in rev
4. In most cases the changes that resulted from those proposal are only
marked with change bars.

Changes that where the result of emails, the last SPI-3 working group, and
other discussions are generally marked with strikeouts and underlines and
usually have an editors note close by to explain the reason for the change.

There are two types of editors notes; one is marked just 'editors note' and
are relate to changes that occurred in rev 3 that we did not have time to
talk about at the last meeting. In many cases to understand the note you
must look at rev 3. The other is marked 'rev 4 editors note' and relates to
visible changes in rev 4.

I plan on going through all the strikeouts, underlines, and editors notes
next week. If you have a chance to look over the document before hand
things should run smoother and we will have more time to discuss the other
agenda items.

Bye for now,
George Penokie

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