Terminations for nonpayment of fees

John Lohmeyer lohmeyer at ix.netcom.com
Thu May 28 14:54:45 PDT 1998

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I have received a letter from Judy Gales of the NCITS Secretariat advising
me to terminate the people in the following list because they have not paid
their 1998 fees.  If your name is on the list below and you think you have
paid your fees or now want to pay them, please contact Judy at:

        Name: Ms. Judy Gales
Organization: ITI (NCITS Secretariat)
    Address1: 1250 Eye St. NW
    Address2: Suite 200
    Address3: Washington, DC 20005-3922
       Phone: (202) 626-5741
         Fax: (202) 638-4922
       Email: jgales at itic.nw.dc.us

The letter says that Judy will terminate people on May 29, 1998, so contact
her as soon as possible!  Judy wants me to remind you that she takes Visa,
MasterCard and American Express.

If it says 'Subscription only' in the Comments column, only the person's
subscription will be dropped.  This is usually because they are the first
alternate for their organization.

         Name          S        Organization         Comments
---------------------- -- ------------------------- -------------------------
Mr. Carl Booth         O  Amphenol/Spectra-Strip    
Ms. Brigitte Tiszauer  O  ATG Cygnet Inc.
Mr. Edward Cady        A# Berg Electronics          
Mr. Philippe Schreck   O  Bull S.A.
Mr. Chi Wang           T  Cirrus Logic Inc.
Mr. Gary S. Peterson   A  Data General / Clariion   Subscription only
Mr. Sid Snyder         A# Digital Equipment Corp.   Subscription only
Mr. Keith W. Parker    P  Diogenes SCSI             
Mr. Chris Nieves       P  Fujitsu                   
Mr. Matt Rooke         O  Fujitsu Computer Prods    
Mr. Salim Mehta        O  Fujitsu Europe Ltd.
Ms. Martina Kuhlmeyer  R  Harting Elektronik Inc.   Billed as Principal
                                                    member - should have
                                                    billed M. Barrionuevo
Mr. Dominique          O  Harting Interface         
Desourteaux               Division                  
Mr. Philip Facendola   O  Helix/Hitemp Cables, Inc.
Mr. J. R. Sims         A  Hewlett Packard Co.       Subscription only (This 
is an error as he did pay his invoice as Principal -- apparently there is a
duplicate record in the database.)
Mr. Ruben Yomtoubian   O  Hitachi America           
Mr. Francesco Liburdi  O  Hollingsworth Corp.       
Mr. Larry Ko           O  Initio Corp.              
Mr. Geoffrey Barton    R  Iomega Corp.              My records show that
                                                    Geoffery was replaced
Mr. Don Chambers       O  JAE Electronics Inc.
Mr. Dennis Moore       P  KnowledgeTek, Inc.        
Mr. Robert Smith       A  Lasercard Systems Corp.   Subscription only
Mr. Howard Wang        O  Maxoptix                  
Mr. Ken Keller         O  Motorola Inc.
Mr. E. Jake Berzon     O  NEC Electronics, Inc.     
Mr. Edward A. Gardner  P  Ophidian Designs          
Mr. George Ayer        O  Panduit Corporation
Mr. Sunil Nethisinghe  O  Philips Semiconductors MS 
Mr. Patrick McGarrah   P  Quantum Corp.             
Mr. Mark Evans         A  Quantum Corp.             Subscription only
Mr. James McGrath      A# Quantum Corp.             
Mr. Gene Milligan      P  Seagate Technology        
Mr. Michael Bryan      O  Seagate Technology        
Mr. Ralph O. Weber     A  Symbios, Inc.             Subscription only (This
is an error as Symbios has an organizational membership and Ralph was 
designated to receive the second T10 mailing CDROM.)
Mr. Erik Solhjell      O  Tandberg Data
Mr. Henry Tseng        A# Tandem, a Compaq Company  
Mr. Jeffrey L.         P  Western Digital           
Williams                  Corporation               
Mr. Jonathan L.        A# Western Digital           
Hanmann                   Corporation
Ms. Vicki Pipal        O  Western Digital           
Mr. Arnold Limjoco     O  Yamaichi Electronics      

Once again, please contact Judy Gales regarding your payments.  I cannot
help you since I am not involved with collecting the money.  


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