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ENDL co-sponsors a conference with Nikkei Electronics (Nikkei is #1 in 
Japanese publications) in September every year, and the next one will be 
held at Nikkei Hall on Monday-Tuesday September 28-29. 

Speakers can anticipate a large attentive audience (simultaneous translation 
eliminates the language barrier). The auditorium occupies the 7th and 8th 
floors of the Nikkei building which is convenient to Tokyo Station.

The auditorium is tiered, and it is an imposing site to look up at a room 
full of faces. There are complete electronic facilities, and presentations 
are VGA output from PowerPoint. 

As the theme of this year's conference is SANs (Storage Area Networks), the 
number of suitable subjects is very broad; cabling, management, topology, 
capability, storage, etc. The primary problem will be avoiding duplication 
of content, so choice of subject matter will be based on the order in which 
speakers commit. The early birds get to choose their favorite subject. 

We have two keynote speakers scheduled this year. Vic Mahadevan is VP of 
Compaq's Enterprise Storage Division which is #1 worldwide in servers and 
the other is a yet-to-be-named VP from Fujitsu. 

Last year's audience was over 200, half of them were senior engineers and 
middle to upper managers at OEMs. About a third was distributors and techies 
|from the large user company staffs which stay on top of technology changes 
(we would call them MIS here). These are the teams that introduce pilot 
programs into their corporations, and work closely with distributors. 

Nikkei is pretty much all of the trade press in Japan (there are several 
papers and magazines in a publishing empire that has no equal in the U.S.). 
Even magazines that we know as competitors over here are published by 
Nikkei. Editors from many publications attended the conference and 
interviewed several of the exhibitors and speakers. 

There will be an Exhibitors Reception on Monday evening. Last year was the 
first time one was held, and it was an outstanding success. 

The translation is professionally done from Japanese-English as well as 
English-Japanese so we are able to share the podium with local speakers.

If you would like to make a presentation, fill in below or contact me at: 

         408-867-6630x777           250-1752 at 

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