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I have one question about "login_attempts" defined in Annex C of SBP-2.

SBP-2 defines;

"The target shall implement an internal counter, login_attempts, 
 which shall be zeroed upon a power reset or upon a successful 
 login or logout request. 
 The target shall perform the following (in any order) to 
 validate a login request:
 -The target shall reject the login request if login_attempts 
  is equal to three;
 -The target shall read the initiator's unique ID, EUI-64, from 
  the bus information block by means of two quadlet read transactions.

Although there is no description wheter or not the target implements one
login_attempts per one initiator, my understanding is;

the target shall have one login_attempts counter per one initiator
and shall allow all initiators to attempt login to the same target
upto three times before the target determines to reject the login 
due to the login_attempts of three.

Is my understanding correct??

If not, should I understand as follows?
If one initiator attempts to log-in with a wrong password for three times,
the login_attempts counter becomes three. Once it becomes three, the target 
shall reject any login requests from any initiators, until a power reset 
or a successful logout request occurs.

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