Obsoleting the Change Definition command in SPC-2

John Lohmeyer john.lohmeyer at symbios.com
Tue May 19 15:01:37 PDT 1998

* From the T10 (formerly SCSI) Reflector (t10 at symbios.com), posted by:
* John Lohmeyer <john.lohmeyer at symbios.com>
T10 has received a proposal to obsolete the Change Definition command in
SPC-2.  This means that SPC-2 will have no documentation on the Change
Definition comand, but you will still be permitted to implement Change
Definition as documented in SPC.

We are trying to find anyone who has implemented Change Definition and/or
anyone who objects to obsoleting this command.  Please respond to this
reflector (t10 at symbios.com) or directly to me (lohmeyer at ix.netcom.com) by
July 9, 1998.


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