Draft Minutes of SCSI Working Group - May 5-6, 1998

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Mon May 18 13:08:44 PDT 1998

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I've prepared rev 1 of the working group minutes with your comments
included as follows:

At 5/13/98 04:23 PM, Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com wrote:
><< Noticing the tedious progress,>>
>     If it is too tedious perhaps we should give up.
><<Bill then changed the focus of the review to technical issues.>>
>     Are these minutes or a novel?

Novels pay better ;-)  All seriousness aside, I've modified the minutes as

"Bill noted that his goal was moving EPI toward first public review.
Noticing that a lot of time was being consumed on editorial items, Bill
suggested that a separate editing meeting be scheduled.  The interested
parties agreed to June 12, 1998 in St. Petersburg Beach, FL with T11.  John
Lohmeyer agreed to contact Chuck Brill regarding meeting room arrangements
and to set up a conference call for those who cannot attend in person.

Bill then changed the focus of the current review to just technical issues,
saving editorial items for the June meeting.  Bill planned to distribute
Rev 14 in the next mailing."

>6.3 seems to conflict with 6.2.

I revised 6.3 to read:  "Doug Hagerman reported that no other HAP topics
were ready for discussion at this meeting."

>Regarding tape <<The group was unable to address this item in time and it
>was deferred to the
>July meeting.>>
>     Surely the SCSI Working Group had adequate time to address it. Perhaps
>it was some other group.

Actually, the problem was that Neil had to leave before the working group
ended.  I was not aware of his schedule constraints until it was too late:

"This item was not addressed before Neil Wanamaker had to leave;  it was
deferred to the July meeting."

Thanks for the comments!

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