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J=F8rgen Johanson    05/18/98

We have question regarding the DEFLT bit in the REPORT DENSITY SUPPORT
command (ref. specification: SSC  X3T10/997D revision 11 page39).

Say we have a Tape Drive which can read/write two Density Codes, FMT-AA=
(new high capacity format) and FMT-BBB (backward compatible format).
Density Code FMT-AAA can only be written on tape TAPE-AAA and Density C=
FMT-BBB can only be written on TAPE-BBB. If we set the Density Code to =
in the Mode Select header, our Tape Drive will write FMT-AAA when a
TAPE-AAA is inserted and write FMT-BBB when an TAPE-BBB is inserted.

Is it correct to set the DEFLT bit to one in the DENSITY SUPPORT DATA B=
DESCRIPTOR for the Density Code FMT-BBB as well as for FMT-AAA? Will th=
MEDIA bit in the CDB have any influence on the DEFLT bit in this case?

After reading Note14 on the DEFLT bit in the ANSI spec., we suppose the=

DEFLT bit should be set to one for both density codes ( and for both
MEDIA=3D0 and for MEDIA=3D1.). Agree?

Bjarte Myrold
Tandberg Data ASA
bjmy at

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