Extent reservations

Joseph C. Nemeth jnemeth at concentric.net
Thu May 14 15:26:59 PDT 1998

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Date: Wednesday, May 13, 1998 5:37 PM
Subject: Extent reservations

>* From the T10 (formerly SCSI) Reflector (t10 at symbios.com), posted by:
>* Bob Snively <Bob.Snively at Eng.Sun.COM>
>In accordance with the SCSI working group minutes:
>------------- Begin Included Message -------------
>6.14 Command Behavior Under Reservations (98-164r0) [Snively]
>Bob Snively asked for opinions regarding a proposal with respect to extent
>reservations (in Reserve and Release).  After some discussion, the group
>agreed that extent reservations could be made obsolete for Reserve,
>and Persistent Reservations.  Bob agreed to announce the proposal at the
>Plenary and on the T10 Reflector.  Ralph Weber agreed to make the change in
>SPC-2 without specific instructions from a written proposal, should T10
>to make the change at all.
>------------- End Included Message -------------
>and in accordance with the SCSI plenary minutes:
>------------- Begin Included Message -------------
>10.3   Making Extent Reservations Obsolete [Snively]
>In the absence of any objections, T10 assigned the Chair an action item to
>notify the T10 Reflector that T10 intends to make extent reservations
>for both Reserve and Persistent Reserve commands in SPC-2.
>------------- End Included Message -------------
>I am sending an announcement on this reflector to propose that extent
>reservations be removed from the RESERVE, RELEASE, PERSISTENT RESERVE IN,
>Please address any comments on this proposal to the entire reflector,
>me and John Lohmeyer directly.

I'm puzzled. If no one is using this, how to multiple initiators currently
"share" a disk? Do they just grab the entire disk with a LUN reserve, do
their business, and then release it?

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