Draft Minutes of T10 Plenary Meeting #26 - May 7, 1998

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Wed May 13 14:23:38 PDT 1998

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<<The problems completing the public review SSC revision were discussed.>>

     I thought the problem had more to do with starting a public review.
Specifically that the forwarded version of SSC for further processing
including first public review has not been provided by the editor.

<<Erich Oetting reported that SMC is almost published.  He noted that minor
glitches have been found in table listing the commands applicable to SMC
devices.  Since SMC is almost published, no action was taken.>>

     Although not a comment on the minutes, I suggest that a defect list be
maintained at least for reference at the four year review.

<<Gene Milligan moved that the chair be instructed to notify the T10
that T10 is planning to remove all HVD discussion from SPI-3.>>

     I think I moved that "the chair be instructed to notify the T10
that T10 is planning to remove all HVD support from SPI-3."

<<Bob Snively reviewed the content of the proposals.  Based on the
recommendation of the working group, Bob Snively moved that 98-128r2 be
approved for inclusion in SPC-2.  George Penokie seconded the motion.  The
motion passed 27:0:2:12=51.>>

     There seems to be a math and/or tally problem here.

<<The long-term T10 meeting week schedule is:
Date              Location                   Host/Comments
----------------  -------------------------  -------------------
Mar 16-20, 1998   San Diego, CA              QLogic
May  4-8,  1998   Colorado Springs, CO       Symbios>>

     How long will that be? Will we get another time around? I certainly
hope so. This one has been fun.


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